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Ruby on Rails
Amazon Web Services
Frontend Engineer

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Nội dung công việc

You will be involved in overall product development with designers and back-end engineers from the phase of progress management, requests, requirements, requirement definition, and specification formulation while cooperating with other departments such as sales.

--Function development and UI / UX optimization that target users (including corporate clients) will appreciate.
--Building a more efficient and expansive development platform.
--Implementation of various SEO measures.

<About technology>
■ Application
┗ Front end
Managed by Webpack, the front end is built on Haml and SCSS.
Interactions with JavaScript are basically implemented using Vuejs. We have not yet achieved the efficiency improvement by TypeScript and the introduction of testing frameworks such as Jest, but we would like you to take on the challenge, including the necessity of introduction.

┗ Backend
For services for toB, Ruby on Rails 6.0.2 is on the back end.
Experienced engineers actively maintain the test code while making it easy to refactor and change, so the code has relatively low technical debt.

■ Infrastructure
The infrastructure is mostly built on AWS and utilizes EC2, S3, CloudFront, lightsail, etc. DB is MySQL, KVS is memcached and Elasticsearch, and reverse proxy is nginx.
Currently, there is room for improvement, such as the server configuration being excessive due to changes in market conditions.

Yêu cầu

[Required skills]
- Ablity to measure the effects of various measures by products, visualize data, build a mechanism for that, and make improvements and changes based on them.
- Those who have more than one year of work experience in developing web services (work experience as a business, not development experience at a programming school).
- Those who understand the purpose of OOP, can design and code (regardless of the correct answer).

[Welcome skills]
- Those who can't stand the code without a test (including while studying TDD).
- Those who can develop using Ruby on Rails (tutorial level is also acceptable).
- Infrastructure construction using AWS services.
- Knowledge of Linux server, CUI operation.
- Experience in team development.

[Minimum required]
- Personal web service development (preferably if there is something that can be shown).
- Experience using Git and GitHub.

■Kinh nghiệm làm việc : 3 năm

Môi trường làm việc, chế độ đãi ngộ

Loại hình công việc Kỹ sư lập trình web
Hình thức tuyển dụng Nhân viên chính thức
Thu nhập năm tham khảo 4.000.000 yên ~ 6.000.000 yên
Nơi làm việc 4-22-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo AURA Omotesando 301
Thời gian làm việc Flextime system (core time 11:00 to 16:00)
Thời gian thử việc
Ngày nghỉ

■ Saturdays and Sundays
■ National holidays
■ Summer holidays
■ Year-end and New Year holidays
■ Annual paid holidays
■ Solo travel leave: Gives 5 days of annual paid leave once every 3 months

Chế độ đãi ngộ, phúc lợi xã hội

■ Various social insurance
■ Commuting transportation expenses
■ Rent subsidy

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