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Back End Engineer, Innovation Platform Team

Nội dung công việc

What We Are Looking For 
The product we’re building has been dubbed The Moon Operating System: it’s the digital space for Mitsui and Moon to collaborate on innovation and incubation projects. We’re an early stage team looking for someone who can own our back end services for this product, and jump in to other areas to lend a hand if needed. The perfect addition will strike a balance of working with designers to experiment and iterate, with shipping solid products to production across multiple platforms. Our medium-term future may include offering this as an enterprise product: any experience in this domain is a big bonus.

We are building for reality: We have 50,000 customers ready to use our product. We need to work quickly, diligently, and scale well. We are creatively driven: We want to bring excellent experiences and design collaboration together with strong engineering.

You will be supported by our technical lead and design team, composed of former Google, Apple, and Brightloom designers and engineers. We’ll be growing this team, and we’d love for you to be a part of this process by shaping our culture, interviewing others, and mentoring new team mates. In return, we commit to mentoring and helping you develop the skills and experiences you seek.

What You’ll Do at Moon 
Use your software development skills and experience to help implement new digital products.

* Deploy reliable, tested, server-side software to testing and production environments in the cloud.
* Design and implement data models and storage systems, and evolve them over time.
* Deploy easily consumable APIs that support flexible client side implementation and experimentation across different platforms (mobile + web).
* Implement full-stack instrumentation and metrics, so that we can make data driven product decisions.
* Critically assess needs, propose designs and approaches, and select the right tools for your job.
* Mentor and drive best practices across our stack.

Yêu cầu

The Must-Haves 
* 5+ years of experience in software development.
* Enthusiasm for working in a multidisciplinary team, and working with designers and client-side developers to build great product experiences.
* Experience with server side development and a relevant programming language (Node / JVM / Python / Ruby).
* Experience building with relational storage systems (PostgreSQL) and data model iteration & migration.
* Experience with security architecture: you’ve worked with authentication, authorization, RBAC, and the associated security considerations.
* Experience with API design and deployment (Thrift, Swagger).
* Ability to proceed with uncertainty: estimate & prioritize workloads, define an action plan, and be self organized about development.
* Outstanding verbal and written communication in English.

The Nice-to-Haves 
* You’ve worked on community-driven or online collaboration products, like Stackoverflow or Yammer.
* You’ve developed publicly available API services used by others outside of your organization.
* You’ve developed code in a regulated environment (HIPAA, SOC 2, etc).
* You’ve designed for experimentation, including canary releases, A/B deployments, traffic splitting.
* Containerization, and related orchestration frameworks (k8s, Fargate, Cloud Run).
* Able to travel for business especially between Moon offices (Silicon Valley and Tokyo) and other global locations.

■Kinh nghiệm làm việc : 5 năm

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Hình thức tuyển dụng Nhân viên chính thức
Thu nhập năm tham khảo 5.000.000 yên ~ 9.000.000 yên
Nơi làm việc Tokyo, Japan
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Moon Creative Lab Inc.

Moon Creative Lab is a design-led innovation hub that powers the creation of new businesses for Mitsui & Co.

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