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 Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku

【About the company ...】

The company is one of Japan's largest real estate and housing information portal site, with databases of over 4 million properties in Japan. The company is implementing various measures with the aim of becoming “Japan's Best Company to Work”. Their corporate culture is all about team work and you can have the chance to work with many bright young people. They are also expanding their business. One of their medium-term goal is to expand into 100 countries by 2025 and to establish 100 subsidiaries.

【 Job Description 】

In the department in charge of direct communication channels (LINE / email / SMS / DM / store / phone, etc.) for company end users, the following development work will be entrusted:

◆New development of services provided to end users on LINE official accounts (property recommendations, etc.)
◆Development and operation of email / SMS / DM delivery using marketing automation tools such as Salesforce.
◆Create amazing solutions that exceed existing concepts.

◆Show direction of development while actively discussing with marketers and designers

◆Create development rules and structure as a department in cooperation with engineers in the team to improve productivity

< Development environment >

Development language: PHP / Ruby / JavaScript
Framework: Symfony2 / Sinatra
Database: MySQL / Oracle
Infrastructure: AWS (RDS, CloudWatch, etc.)
Version control: git / Github
CI / CD: Jenkins, CircleCI
Others: Hive / Salesforce / Chatwork / JIRA / Confluence
【 What's attractive of working with them? 】
1.You can gain development experience in LINE, Salesforce and other fast-growing areas (positions that are very expensive as the human resources market).

2.Deepen relationships with end users and improve satisfaction.There are marketers, designers, and engineers in one department, and the collaboration between job types is very smooth.
This is a high-profile area in the marketing industry.

3.Development areas such as LINE and Salesforce are constantly evolving, so you always need the flexibility and speed to catch up on the latest information and immediately apply it to the service.

4. The company aims to create a team with high motivation for learning

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Tiếng Nhật - Giao tiếp chuyên môn
Tiếng Anh - Sơ cấp

(About the company …)

The company provides a new surprise to the way users work with a simple interface and detailed policy settings that anyone can use, and also provide service to greatly enhance the value of business communication assets.

(About the Role)

As a server side engineer, you will be responsible for the overall back end of the business service, mainly API development and maintenance.

◆ Specifically
・ Design, development and improvement of existing systems on the backend side
・ System tuning improvements
・ Development of scripts that run on some infrastructure, etc.

【Development environment】
■ Language used: PHP7
■ Server: Linux (Debian) / Nginx / MySQL
■ Infrastructure: AWS
■ Version control: Git
Project management tool: Gitlab
■ Communication tool: Business chat

◆ What’s attractive?
① Accelerate your growth!
Because this is a small project, you can participate as a back-end engineer. Each project is aimed at release while actively discussing with other members, so it can be a very exciting experience, and because it has great discretion, you can actively adopt good ideas.

② Develop a service that you use every day!
It is also used for in-house communication, and because it will develop a service that you use every day, it is one of the best things that the improvement you have made leads to the improvement of your work efficiency. . I think that it will be very rewarding because the feedback from users will be immediately available.

③ Global development experience!
In Suzhou, China, there is a development base and there are cases where simple exchanges with local engineers in English (or Chinese) occur, so it is possible to gain global development experience.

★ Challenging work ★

● There are over 5,000 companies using the service, and it is still growing!
● We are looking for technical back-end engineers for further growth of the company.

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Tiếng Nhật - Giao tiếp chuyên môn
Tiếng Anh - Sơ cấp
 Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Gotanda

Tuy hiện tại số nhân viên của công ty khoảng 100 người, công ty đã đạt được doanh số và lợi nhuận tăng trong 11 năm liên tiếp và nằm trong danh sách "first section" của Tokyo Stock Exchange. Dự án game liên quan đến các nhà ga đã thu hút rất nhiều fans, hợp tác với các công ty đường sắt lớn và đã có tác động lớn đến kinh tế xung quanh các nhà ga. Công ty đã bắt đầu xây dựng một nền tảng blockchain gần đây và có tiềm năng lớn để phát triển hơn nữa.

・Mô tả công việc
Phụ thuộc vào skill và nguyện vọng của bạn, bạn sẽ phụ trách một trong các task sau

◆ Phát triển Social application
Sản phẩm của chúng tôi - location-based game sử dụng GPS để đổi point giữa các users trong real time. Mặt khác nó cũng cung cấp life logs ghi lại hành trình.

◆ Phát triển Mobile contents
Cung cấp các dịch vụ như site bạn có thể download nhạc chuông chất lượng cao, app miễn phí cho phép bạn có thể cài đặt nhcj chuông kết nối với báo thức, dự báo thời tiết...

◆ Phát triển Block-chain platform
Từ năm 2018, công ty đã bắt đầu một business mới liên quan đến block-chain nhằm mục đích phổ biến các distributed applications (DApps)

Mỗi project có một team gồm 5 thành viên bao gồm cả directors và web designers. Kỹ sư sẽ phụ trách server side, DB, và front end phụ thuộc vào khả năng và lĩnh vực bạn muốn làm.

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Tiếng Nhật - Giao tiếp cơ bản
Tiếng Anh - Giao tiếp chuyên môn
 Saitama, Kumagaya

About the Company..

A leading global biopharmaceutical company, has been inventing for life, bringing forward medicines and vaccines for many of the world’s most challenging diseases. This company works with customers and operates in over 140 countries to deliver innovative health solutions.

About your new Role…

The company currently has an exciting opportunity to work as an IT specialist to support IT systems within manufacturing operations. The person will be responsible for: Resolving IT issues, Implementation of IT changes, Troubleshooting in compliance with SDLC(software development lifecycle), GMP(good manufacturing practice), Safety, and Environmental Regulations, and Leading application and automation projects as act as a change agent to drive transformation and innovation practices.

Primary Activities and Responsibilities

-Provide and share technical knowledge/advice to Manufacturing Operations on computerized/ automation systems.
-Act as a Business Analyst to drive business values and supports a continuous improvement framework within IT and the IPT(integrated production team).
-Maximizes production capacity through timely completion of planned maintenance activities and effectively resolving unplanned downtime and events
-Coordinates IT system maintenance, including system backup, disaster recovery, and obsolescence activities, and ensures automation systems remain in a validated state
-Demonstrate abilities to apply effective root cause analysis and troubleshooting techniques to support the resolution of incidents, events, deviations, atypical investigations and fault reports related to IT and ensures all the resolution are effectively implemented within the agreed time frame to prevent recurrence.
-Ensures timely resolution of identified IT issues and unplanned events identified in the daily walk-through
-Supports annual IT System review process, including: data-gathering, analysis, preparing annual performance reports and ensures actions are completed on time and meet regulatory requirements
-Provides IT support for capital and other site projects and perform IT change controls to ensure that changes are raised and closed on time following the required quality standards.
-Manages Project Schedule to ensure that manufacturing is not impacted.
-Achieves IT cost effectiveness and product cost reduction targets set in the Profit Plan, with particular emphasis on automation and waste reduction
-Stay current with industry best practices and trends. Assist in the IT roadmaps for Japan.
-Collaborate with the capability architects to migrate Japan towards future state plans and improve Company’s enterprise architecture.
-Driving application of latest technologies such like IoT, Robotics Process Automation and Big Data for Production shop floor as for assistance of Advanced Manufacturing.

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Tiếng Nhật - Không yêu cầu
Tiếng Anh - Giao tiếp chuyên môn
 Minato-ku, Tokyo

【Về công ty】
Công ty thuộc nhóm công ty công nghệ tài chính fin-tech lớn, điều hành hoạt động thị trường mua bán và trao đổi tiền ảo lớn nhất tại Nhật Bản. Với vision “Easier the world with blockchain”, công ty đặt mục tiêu hướng đến một tương lai tươi sáng mang đến sự tiến bộ và thuận tiện hơn cho xã hội và cuộc sống thông qua cuộc cách mạng thông tin bằng các ứng dụng xã hội từ blockchain.

【Vai trò của bạn...】
Nhằm hiện thực hóa các ứng dụng của blockchain, công ty đang phát triển từ original blockchain development sang application development bằng cách sử dụng blockchain. Công ty đang tìm kiếm các kỹ sư có thể thúc đẩy các hoạt động QA để đảm bảo chất lượng của các sản phẩm này cũng như có thể tiến hành automation test .

<Ví dụ về tasks>
Kiểm soát chất lượng và đưa ra test requirement.
Tạo test cases và lịch trình test.
Thiết lập môi trường test tự động. Tạo mã test.
Thực hiện test.

<Môi trường & công cụ phát triển>
Ngôn ngữ: C #, C ++, TypeScript
Virtualization infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes
Quản lý code: git

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